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By: Christian Thompson 

Theatre [Untitled]

The Harlem Studio 

May 23rd @ 7pm

​Hitting is a play that examines our relationship to the homeless, our family, ourselves, and to the culture of subway dancing in NYC. In a journey that uses movement, direct, address and a lot of heart. We follow the Tru Crew on their quest to find solid footing in a world that keeps moving.

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The Firebird 
By: Amanda Faye Martin 

Theatre [Untitled]

The Harlem Studio 

June 21st @ 7pm

In The Firebird, an 80 year old Byelorussian immigrant named Basya hosts Passover 2019 at her farmhouse in New Hampshire. Tensions rise as ghosts (both figurative and literal) arise to confront Basya and her granddaughter, Natasha, who discovers that her ex-girlfriend is now engaged to her cousin Alex. Both women attempt to run, but are forced to reckon with their respective histories before the holiday is over. The Firebird is a semi-magical living room tragicomedy that deals with displacement and nostalgia; the experience of being forever haunted by a past that calls you back to it.


Pageant: The Musical
By: Bill RussellFrank Kelly, Albert Evans, Robert Longbottom


Forestburgh Playhouse

Forestburgh, NY
​July 5th - July 17th 2022

Pageant is a pageant. Judges selected from the audience actually vote and determine the winner who, therefore, may be different at each performance. The show takes its shots not by mocking the pageant from the outside, but by being one. The six contestants compete for the title of Miss Glamouresse (Glamouresse being a cosmetics company). Miss Deep South, Miss West Coast, Miss Great Plains, Miss Bible Belt, Miss Industrial Northeast. and Miss Texas and compete in evening gowns, talent, swim-wear and spokemodeling, plus the finalists answer actual calls from the Glamouresse Beauty Crisis Hotline.

Cinderella Key Art.png

By: Roque Berlanga
Forestburgh Academy Summer Arts
July 10th - 17th 2022

Forestburgh Playhouse

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Snow and Co. 
By: Roque Berlanga
Forestburgh Academy Summer Arts
July 17th - 24th 2022

Forestburgh Playhouse

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Music, Book, and Lyrics By: James Powers

Theatre [Untitled] Reading Series

Open Jar Studios - September 2022

Unfinishedness is a one-act musical comedy tackling the issues that many young adults find themselves in today. When life is suddenly halted and you are left wondering, “What do I do now?” In this world, we are introduced to Dude, a young person trying to become a writer. While he is trying to finish his song, many of the unfinished ideas, moments, and relationships from his life, in the form of three other actors, come to him and demand that he finish their part of the story first. In the process, we discover his own personal failings and feelings of inadequacy that have led him to this point in his life, as we journey with him until he ultimately learns to accept and embrace his own “unfinishedness.”