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"Claire" circa 2007-2016 
By: Vinny Mraz
A meaningful life is not found by doing what's expected.

Theatre [Untitled] Reading Series
February 17, 2020-7pm
Open Jar Studios

"Claire" circa 2007-2016 is a play set in an art studio in the middle of a library. Andrew, the 20-something teacher who is still figuring his way out in the world, leads a class of senior citizens through the basics of painting and drawing all while dealing with the ghosts of past relationships and his fear of failure. One of the students, Pam, faces Andrews fears head on. She pushes him towards a more authentic and meaningful life instead of one spent just "doing the right thing." Pam along with her compassionate friend Margaret are joined by Arlene, a widower with a more puritanical outlook, as well as Claire and John an older couple who are there to challenge themselves to something new. "Claire" circa 2007-2016 explores identity and the meaning in our lives at opposite ends of the spectrum. We see a young teacher who just wants his life to mean something and a group of 55 + adults who have the knowledge and experience to know that the path to a meaningful life is not found by doing what's expected of you. "Claire" circa 2007-2016 celebrates and examines the vitality of senior citizens as holders of knowledge and as people who even in their advanced age can continue to grow and change.

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Self Portraits
By: Kate Ann Wilson and Women around the Country


Theatre [Untitled] Reading Series
​March 8, 2020
August 18, 2020
Shetler Studios

Self Portraits highlights the universality of the touchstone moments of the lives of women. The play celebrates that the body of those experiences creates meaning in our lives and that each stage of our lives brings new interpretation to these common touchstones. This play will challenge the audience to examine fundamental situations through  generationally informed lenses.

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By: Freddie Miller and Meghan Nardella


Theatre [Untitled] Reading Series
​May 18, 2020
Shetler Studios

Outcasts is the story of David, a teenage boy struggling to escape a life he wished he never had. After moving in with his cousin, David is given a chance to start over in a new school. However, David's past stands in his way of a fresh start when he finds himself caught in a web of lies. Featuring an original score by Meghan Nardella and an original book by Freddie Miller, Outcasts is an honest high school story tackling bullying, violence, relationships, and emotional abuse. Outcasts will leave us all asking the same question: how far will we go to hold onto our secrets?

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By: James Powers

Theatre [Untitled] Reading Series
June 2020

Unfinishedness is a one-act musical comedy tackling the issues that many young adults find themselves in today. When life is suddenly halted and you are left wondering, “What do I do now?” In this world, we are introduced to Dude, a young person trying to become a writer. While he is trying to finish his song, many of the unfinished ideas, moments, and relationships from his life, in the form of three other actors, come to him and demand that he finish their part of the story first. In the process, we discover his own personal failings and feelings of inadequacy that have led him to this point in his life, as we journey with him until he ultimately learns to accept and embrace his own “unfinishedness.”

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Final Vows
By: Elizabeth Angelozzi
A full contact theatrical experience

September 2020
Shetler Studios

12 actors, 3 days, 1 killer! Murder, mayhem, and madness ensue from the moment you arrive. Your weekend begins when you step on property and you are immersed into the world where this hilarious, elaborate tragedy will take place. After checking in and settling into your room, you will join us for cocktails where anything can happen. All weekend you are led throughout property as our murderous weekend unfolds. Guests find themselves wining, dining, dancing, and dodging bullets with our cast in this full contact theatrical experience. Nothing is too ridiculous. Nothing is too extreme.